Want To Upgrade The Egg Game – Try these 4 Healthy Ways

Eggs are the prime and versatile source of protein. Due to the versatile nature of eggs, you can use them in different ways. If you are bored of the same old egg dishes, try the following tips and bring some difference.

When we talk about eating healthy, then enough protein should be added to your diet to get success. Eggs- as one of the staple protein sources should not be missed out. Missing out on proteins can cost you lose the required results. So change the way of having eggs and get the success of eating healthy and never get bored.

Try the following tips and be creative with your egg dishes. Don’t stress out as the mentioned ways are delicious and yet healthy.

  1. The Egg Salad

Are you avoiding egg salad thinking that it contains high calories and high-fat mayonnaise? Yes,  the mayonnaise fat should be avoided in the healthy diet plan but to forgo egg salad completely because of this is a good idea?

Let’s not avoid the egg salad completely and instead made some modifications in the recipe. So, you should consider replacing mayonnaise with mashed avocado. Avocado will give you a good dose of vitamin E and will provide unsaturated fat and more fiber. Moreover, it will give the creamy texture to the salad too.

Now mash the avocado and then add mashed eggs, a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, and paprika to get the flavor. Try this, and it will become your new favorite egg salad.

  1. Poached Eggs

Traditionally, the poached eggs are served with bread. But if you are following a low carb diet then you cannot place this way of serving the eggs on your menu. Consider an alternative to serving your poached eggs by replacing bread with boiled spinach- a healthy choice and lower carb too.

The green leaf spinach will provide you with a load of antioxidants and iron, and you will get a delicious meal that contains a balanced amount of proteins, healthy fats, and dietary fibers.

  1. A Protein Pancake

Try a totally different egg recipe and consider making a protein pancake. Protein pancake can be prepared according to your preferences with a variety of mix-ins, but eggs and whey protein powder are the main ingredients.

To prepare the pancakes, you can take one egg and whey protein powder (one scoop only) and an egg white. Mix them with raw oats and banana. After blending these ingredients, cook them like a regular pancake. The pancakes prepared will be healthier than the original recipe.

  1. Add to a Salad Recipe

If you are preparing a salad, then add a chopped or sliced hard boiled egg into it. By this, you will add a considerable amount of proteins and also some variety of taste in your plain vegetable salad.

One of the good things about hard boiled eggs is that they can be kept in the fridge for few days, making them easy to have for a quick meal.

So do not become bored with eggs and keep the eggs in your fridge to try these healthy and different recipes.

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